What happened in London and a Large Update on Emma

So about a few weeks ago I took a trip with my class to London, and it ended up being one of the most cultured, freeing, and astonishing week of my life. I ended up seeing things that only existed in movies, magazines, things that are plastered on postcards. Hopping from museum to museum, seeing things like the Rosetta Stone and paintings by Dali and Picasso, I never thought that in my life I'd be able to see things this amazing.

Two Months Down!!

Sorry I haven't updated my blog for the past few weeks, I've been occupied with all things Danish.  What I mean by that is that I've really starting living here in Denmark. I have become familiar with riding trains and buses, listening to Danish tv and daily conversations, contributing to those conversations, I've even come to crave potatoes on rye bread. It's insane how much you can absorb in a new country, even if you've only lived there for a short time.

Intro Camp

The great thing about exchanging through Rotary Clubs in Denmark, is that there is a language program, which I just came back from. It was a week long stay at a folk high school in the town of Bjerringbro, and due to this camp's placement at the beginning of the exchange, it is simply called, Intro Camp. 

Language Immersion

It's really amazing how much of a language you can learn when it's practically the only thing you hear. So far I can understand simple sentences, and I can reply in simple phrases, but I feel like that's not bad for one week! Maria and Katrine have been helping me read children's books in Danish. I read and try to interpret their meaning, they correct my pronunciation and tell me what it ACTUALLY means.

Fireworks, Paintings, and Mountains

17/8/14  15:17

Yesterday was fantastic.



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